Made in KCC Silicone

KCC SILICONE has built the first silicone monomer production plant in Korea which made local production of the silicone raw material possible.

Realizing the Possibilities

Every "What if?" question motivates us to push our possibilities further and make them into reality.

From Cosmetics
to Space Materials

Silicone brings innovation to various industries such as automobiles, electronic engineering, personal care, consumer goods, aerospace, and construction with its excellent properties such as heat resistance, cold resistance, and flame retardancy.

Advanced Materials

KCC SILICONE's Advanced Materials Solution plays an essential role in current and future automotive vehicles.



KCC Silicone boasts excellence in electrical properties, heat, weather, and cold resistance, and shock absorption. It can be put to a wide range of applications and improves the quality and productivity of the products to which it is applied.


KCC silicone products are applied
to various automotive industries.
Our products have a simple molding process
and maintain their elastomeric properties
even in ultrahigh and cryogenic temperatures.


Meet our silicone for personal care that has been upgraded to various products with better feel and wider range of beauty.


The multi-purpose sealants have excellent adhesion, so they can be put to multi-purpose applications in construction and other industries. Those sealants, more than any other type of elastomer material, have stable chemical structure.

KCC SILICONE Starts New Journey with MPM Inc.

KCC SILICONE is the only South Korean company that produces everything from silicone raw material to secondary products.
We held hands with Momentive, one of the world’s three largest silicone companies.

Together, we will expand our capabilities to provide essential silicone raw materials to the global society.