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KCC SILICONE is the only company in Korea that manufactures all silicone products from raw materials to EM, HCE, and LSR.


LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) is a generic term for silicone found in liquid form before it is cured and becomes rubber, but it usually refers to those liquid rubbers that are cured by heating at high temperatures.
Because it possesses the basic characteristics of silicone rubber and is in a liquid form, it, unlike HCE, enables automated LIM (Liquid Injection Molding) molding from the improvement, mixing, and molding processes, and industrial materials can be coated with various coating methods. Thanks to these advantages, it is used in real life and industry for baby products such as pacifiers and soothers, living products such as diving masks and kitchenware covers, automotive products such as connector seals and O-rings, electrical and electronic components such as OA rollers and keypads, textiles, sleeves, and airbag coating, and its scope of application is gradually expanding.