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KCC SILICONE is the only company in Korea that manufactures all silicone products from raw materials to EM, HCE, and LSR.

Personal Care

Personal care silicone helps to give the skin and hair a soft, smooth touch, conditioning, gloss and protection, and durability.
Silicone oil and wax for cosmetics that can achieve lightness in use, spreadability, water repellency, and glossiness, silicone emulsifier that can produce stable emulsification formulations with excellent emulsification power, silicone elastomer and powder effective in covering skin wrinkles and creases, and silicone film former and dispersant that increase makeup durability, silicone emulsion effective for skin and hair protection and conditioning, etc. Colorful personal care silicone is a high-functionality specialty product that is used in all cosmetic fields such as skincare, sun care, hair care, and color cosmetics to help you formulate more luxurious and special cosmetics.