The Power of Possibilities

Silicone brings innovation to various industries such as automobiles, electronic engineering, personal care,
consumer goods, aerospace, and construction with its excellent properties such as heat resistance,
cold resistance, and flame retardancy.


KCC SILICONE products are applied to various automotive industries.
Our products have a simple molding process and maintain their elastomeric properties even in ultrahigh and cryogenic temperatures.
It has weather resistance and a low compression set and is suitable for various sealing, bonding, and insulating applications.
We provide liquid silicone rubber (LSR) and heat-cured elastomer (HCE) products and can develop and provide products suitable for the physical properties required by individual customers such as gaskets, O-rings, hoses, spark plug boots, diaphragms, connector seals, exhaust hangers, fuel system valves, and powertrain components.