Creating value from silicone

Silicone is widely used in daily life and high-tech industries thanks to
its excellent resistance to heat and cold stress, eco-friendliness and being harmless to the human body.

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Over the past half century since the foundation in 1958, KCC has grown to be a leading
chemical company by continuously developing the state-of-the-art technologies as a trailblazer of fine chemistry.

KCC became the first in Korea to successfully commercialize silicone in 2003 and now offers
differentiated solutions to our customers through our product portfolio ranging from basic silicone raw material - monomer - to various secondary products.

Marking a new beginning as KCC Silicone Corporation in 2020 to enhance expertise in
silicone, we have been integrated into the global silicone-specialized company – Momentive - in 2021. Fueled by the long 70 years of Momentive history and 36 networks in 17 countries, we are now ready to take the lead in driving global market changes and trends as an innovative leader in the silicone industry and to fulfil our corporate vision, ‘New Material Creator’ through resolute and innovative R&D.

KCC Silicone Corporation will continue to stay at the front of the new future technology development and to offer advanced technology and quality to bring new values to our customers.


KCC Silicone Corporation President Liam Song

Foundation Year
Seoul Korea
Liam Song
Manufactured Products
All silicone
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