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KCC SILICONE is the only company in Korea that manufactures all silicone products from raw materials to EM, HCE, and LSR.


PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) is a high-performance adhesive that does not melt at high temperatures using excellent heat, cold, and water resistance, insulation, ozone resistance, low combustion, chemical inertness, and non-pollution properties of silicone and registers flexibility and adhesion even at cryogenic temperatures.
In particular, it has excellent adhesion to polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, fluororesin, silicone rubber, etc., which do not adhere well to organic adhesives.
RLC (Release Coatings) has excellent peelability, water repellency, cold, heat and moisture resistance, chemical stability, strong residual adhesion by the adherent, and lubricity.
It is used not only for the manufacture of release papers such as tapes and labels but also as a coating material that gives film or synthetic rubber peelability.