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KCC SILICONE is the only company in Korea that manufactures all silicone products from raw materials to EM, HCE, and LSR.

Electronic Materials

EM (Electronic Materials) is divided into RTV-1 and 2 depending on how it is used.
RTV-1 (liquid silicone rubber) hardens by reacting with moisture in the air. It has excellent adhesion and adheres to most materials without a primer, and has excellent weather resistance to allow semi-permanent use. It has cold resistance and heat resistance which enables its use at a temperature of -5℃ to 200℃, and has excellent electrical properties, which facilitates its easy use in various electrical and electronic industries. It is widely applied for adhesion, sealing, and coating of mainly electric, electronic, home appliances, and various transport devices and machinery. RTV-2 (two-component silicone rubber) is divided into condensation type and addition type according to the curing mechanism. The condensation type is highly dependent on the catalyst and generates alcohol by-products, whereas the addition type is temperature-dependent and has no by-products. Two-component RTV has the advantage of being able to cure and control the curing rate. It can be used in a wide range of fields due to its excellent electrical properties, heat, weather, and cold resistance, and shock absorption, which are the basic characteristics of silicone, and improves the quality and productivity of the applied product. It is mainly used for electrical and electronic insulation, potting materials, LED materials, and various mold-making models.