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Job Descriptions

Job Job Description Related Major
Production Process Management Production process and quality control
Production process improvement and cost reduction activities
Chemistry/Chemical Engineering/Polymers
Civil Service Maintenance, repair and improvement of production facilities
Production process improvement
Design and construction of mechanical construction related to extended facilities
Quality Quality inspection and guarantee of products, parts, and raw materials
Quality innovation and certification system maintenance/management (ISO, etc.)
Chemistry/Chemical Engineering/Polymers
Safety Prevention and removal of risk factors in production processes and workplaces Industrial Safety Engineering
Environment Air/water quality/waste management, environmental regulation response, eco-Label certification management Environmental Engineering
Production Support Production management and formulation management
Logistics management and material management (Inventory management, shipment management, raw and subsidiary material management, etc.)
Job Job Description Related Major
Silicone Research Development and improvement research on silicone/sealant products (Electrical & electronic/automotive/building materials, cosmetic raw materials, etc.)
Research on the synthesis of silicone raw materials (Polymer, resin, silane coupling agent, etc.)
Chemistry/Chemical Engineering/Polymers
Research Support Research management, patent/information management, analysis Chemistry/Chemical Engineering/Polymers
Job Job Description Related Major
Domestic/Overseas Sales Customer management
Discovery of new customers/new applications and market research, etc.
All majors (Chemistry/Chemical Engineering/Polymers or Architectural Engineering)
Technical sales Technical response/promotional support for customers (Electrical & electronics companies, automobile companies, construction companies, etc.) Rental/legal response Chemistry/Chemical Engineering/Polymers or Architectural Engineering
Sales Support Sales management and business support
Bond management
Job Job Description Related Major
General Affairs Management of company rules
Events (Shareholders' meeting/board of directors, etc.)/ ceremonies, welfare benefits management
HR HR management (recruitment, evaluation, organization, etc.)
HR compensation (compensation, welfare benefits, labor management, etc.)
Finance Fund management (Fund management such as deposits/borrowings, etc.)
Financial management (Disclosure/periodic report, IR/credit rating, stock and foreign exchange management, etc.)
Accounting Tax accounting (Value-added tax, fixed assets, corporate tax, etc.)
Financial accounting (Slip/sales day balance management, settlement/financial statement management, etc.)
Management accounting (Cost Management, etc.)
Purchase Purchasing raw materials/facilities/stored goods/products
Import transportation and customs clearance
Commerce/Humanities and Chemistry/Chemical Engineering