Creating value from silicone

Silicone is widely used in daily life and high-tech industries thanks to
its excellent resistance to heat and cold stress, eco-friendliness and being harmless to the human body.

Realizing the possibilities

The most important question we ask is "What if?" It's a question that speaks directly to what we believe - like an exploring spirit, a dedication to discovering the new, and the better, approaching each opportunity with tenacity and technology, and knowing that collaborative partnerships can yield exponential results. And we believe that together, with you, we can push the boundaries of what we all think possible. With a legacy that spans more than 75 years, we've been fostered an unexpected, innovative way of looking at and solving challenges. From the soles of the boots that first walked on the moon to tires that more tightly hug the roads here on Earth, we invent solutions that work - solutions that deliver real results. We are a tenacious supplier with a thirst to understand your challenges. We have the deep industry knowledge and the vast collective experience to inspire both bold approaches and breakthrough innovations. We believe in asking "What if?" Then, together, inventing something that makes "What if?" real.


KCC SILICONE Starts New Journey with MPM Inc.

KCC SILICONE is now affiliated with Momentive, a global silicone company. By collaborating with the global research personnel of Momentive that boasts a 75-year history with silicone, the company now can tap into a technological environment to develop new high value-added products, and contribute to achieving future high-tech technologies through cooperation with customers in each industry.


KCC SILICONE Corporation is the only company in Korea that produces everything from silicone materials to secondary products

KCC SILICONE Corporation built the first silicone monomer production facilities in Korea and successfully localized raw materials for silicones, which had been imported from other countries. Through the synthesis and application of silicone monomers and polymers, we produce and supply silicone products including sealants, silicone rubber, silanes, silicone oils, silicone emulsions and silicone dispersions for construction and business. In addition, we are committed to helping our customers gain competitive advantages by supplying products that meet their needs through continuous R&D and technology innovation.

Setting a new standard in safe, clean and
eco-friendly silicone production

In order to produce eco-friendly and sustainable silicone products, KCC SILICONE corporation optimizes its pollution prevention facilities for each type of pollutant. In response to growing social demands for safe and eco-friendly manufacturing processes, we established a new safety and environmental inspection system and renovated our existing facilities.


Striving to become the global No. 1 eco-friendly
organosilicone producer

With the market trend of eco-friendly and healthy products, there is a growing demand for sustainable products in the construction industry. As we have worked on meeting demand ahead of time, we were named by the Minister of Environment in 2010 as a leading resource recycling company that had improved its environmental competitiveness by reducing waste at business sites.

Momentive – Inventing Possibilities