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KCC Silicone participates in ‘PCHi 2023,’ the only cosmetics raw material exhibition in China 2023-01-11

- Participates in China’s largest ‘PCHi 2023’ where world-class cosmetic raw material companies participate

- Introduced highly functional ‘KCC Cosmetic Silicone’ reflecting the global trend ‘PEG Free’ and ‘Natural’ concepts


KCC Silicone will participate in ‘2023 PCHi’ for three days from February 15th to 17th.

PCHi, which KCC Silicone participates in, is the only exhibition in China that showcases Personal Care and Home Care raw materials, and will be held in 2023 at the ‘China Import and Export Fair Complex’ in Guangzhou, China.

As the largest raw material exhibition in China, not only local Chinese companies but also famous cosmetic raw material companies from all over the world, such as Korea, Japan, and Europe will participate.

In this exhibition, KCC Silicone will introduce PEG-free emulsifiers and blending products containing natural ingredients, which were launched in line with global cosmetic trends.

SeraSol PF 105, 106, and 107, which will be presented most ambitiously, are emulsifiers modified with Polyglycerin-3, not PEG, and are characterized by excellent emulsifying and dispersing power. It is a product that has been sensationally popular since its launch, and we expect a lot of response as it is officially introduced to the Chinese market through this exhibition.

In addition, in line with the global trend of ‘Natural,’ it plans to intensively promote product lines blended with naturally derived oils. We plan to introduce various forms of silicone, such as blended Elastomer (SeraSilk ELA), gum blend (SeraSense GBA), and film former (SeraSense ACA, RBA), with natural oils such as sugar cane, coconut and palm kernel oil.

Moreover, it plans to introduce high-functional special products such as PCA Dimethicone, which has excellent moisturizing power and helps emulsification.

This year’s PCHi is an opportunity to meet Chinese consumers in person after a long time since Covid-19, and KCC Silicone will actively promote new products and special products and strive to build lasting relationships with global cosmetics companies.

Furthermore, KCC Silicone plans to solidify its position as a global cosmetics raw material manufacturer through this exhibition and actively carry out activities to develop markets in China and abroad using this as a stepping stone.